My Services

Here is a summary of the key services I can offer to clients:

- Over 20 years of experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries
- Thorough assessment
- Explanation of the condition, treatment plan, liaison with other healthcare professionals
- Specific exercise prescription for prevention and rehabilitation
- Hands on treatment with mobilisations and manipulation
- Soft tissue mobilisation
- Massage
- Pilates
- Prompt and convenient appointments
- Home visits when necessary

Conditions treated include:

Back and Neck pain:
- Prolapsed disc
- Postural low back pain
- Joint degeneration
- Sciatica
- Lifting techniques
- headaches

Sports injuries
- Muscle
- Ligament
- Tendons

Joint and soft tissue injuries
- Frozen shoulder
- Anterior knee pain

Repetitive strain/ Overuse
- Tennis/golfers elbow
- Work related upper limb disorders
- Occupational postural problems

Post-Operative Treatment
- Tendon repair
- Ligament reconstruction
- Joint replacement
- Arthritic Conditions