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Katie Knapton Physiopherapist

Customer Testimonials

I am very fortunate to have a great list of clients, some comments from my clients are below. Should you wish to add to this page please click on the 'Contact Me' link above and let me know :o)


Katie is an excellent physiotherapist, who puts you at ease throughout your treatments however challenging they may be! Being a crash test dummy I have worked with many physiotherapists over the years, and have a tendancy to 'loosely' follow what I am told, but Katie is the only one where I feel that the physiotherapist gets this, and is firm but fair in telling me to do my homework! Physiotherapy is a team game, it takes two to get the results, and that is exactly how Katie conducts her treatments.

If you are anywhere near Katie, so that would be Horsham, Cowfold, Partridge Green, Henfield area and looking for a good physiotherapist (And in my case one that understands sports peoples mentalities, especially skiers!) then I strongly recommend you give Katie a call.

I understand Katie does therapies for all types of clients from all walks of life, and I know of a lot of local sports amateurs such as tennis players, skiers and squash players that have used Katie to get back on the court or piste!

Scott Hargrave - Edge And Wax Ski Shop - March 2013


More comments coming soon :o)